Jesse graduated from Northeastern University with degress in Engineering and Finance with the goal of joining the family business. Starting in 2000, Jesse began working at Eldre Corporation, the family business, where he stayed for several years. Deciding to branch out, try new things, and make something of himself, Jesse attended a trade show in Los Angeles where he created a children’s clothing business on the fly. Jesse bought a factory in China to make the business a reality and found almost immediate success.

Jesse Erdle Dead Ringer

A few years later, in 2007, Jesse was asked by his father to return home and help with Eldre Corporation. Jesse sold his clothing business and returned to the family business, helping to open up a new factory in China.  After a successful few years, Eldre Corporation was sold to General Electric in 2011, prompting Jesse to seek out new opportunities once again. 

Not long after, Jesse, along with two newfound partners, founded Dead Ringer Hunting where he continues to serve as President and CEO. Dead Ringer Hunting specializes in producing hunting accessories such as tactical optics, hunting scopes, archery broadheads, and more!

When not hard at work for Dead Ringer Hunting, Jesse spends his free time with his wife and three children